special needs workshop

What do we cover in the workshop:

•  What does a special needs caregiver do?
•  Skills of a special needs caregiver
•  Responsibilities of a special needs caregiver
•  Attachment
•  Types of special needs
•  Different types of therapists and what they specialize in
•  Language and speech development (Apraxia)
•  How to enhance communication with special needs children
•  Using visual supports
•  Helping a child with special needs thrive.
•  Social stories
•  When you help too much
•  Toilet training
•  The difference between a behavioural and sensory meltdown?
•  Sensory system
•  How to play with a child with special needs
•  How does sensory processing work
•  Fine motor skills
•  Gross motor skills
•  Developmentally appropriate chores
•  Time management with other household chores
•  Selfcare and burnout of a caregiver
•  Relationship between parents and caregivers (Respect for parents’ choices)
•  Importance of speaking up

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