facilitator opportunities

The Nanny Movement would like to grow our team to have a bigger reach and make an even bigger impact on our communities.

We have created a platform where training opportunities are provided to become a “The Nanny Movement” Facilitator.

We are looking for kind-hearted ladies who are passionate about early childhood education and adult training, and want to empower and inspire women.

You will have to be able to manage your own business successfully. Providing high quality service, with a focus on the smallest of details is of utmost importance.

Our workshops aren’t limited to the areas mentioned above.

What we offer facilitators

Training on thoroughly researched programmes


Appointing passionate facilitators


Providing thorough training in all the programmes, before any caregiver training will commence.


Constantly upgrading our programmes according to new and relevant research.


Giving constructive feedback, advice and support throughout the duration of the facilitator’s licence agreement.


Exceptional marketing to support the growth of The Nanny Movement as a company and to support facilitators.


Ensuring that all facilitators keep up with the high standards of The Nanny Movement.

What does the Nanny Movement facilitator look like?

A Christian, with strong moral values.

Friendly and hardworking.

Honest and with integrity.

Passionate about early childhood development.

Compassionate towards people from all walks of life.

Understanding and respecting that people have different views about things and different frames of reference.

Someone with a charitable outlook on life and a heart for the less fortunate who is willing to uplift and build confidence in people from less fortunate backgrounds and communities.

Show empathy where needed.


A beautiful space to facilitate your workshops from.


A laptop or computer, a stable internet connection and a smartphone.


Internet access

I want to become a facilitator

If you are interested in joining The Nanny Movement team,
please fill out this form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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