facilitator opportunities

The Nanny Movement would like to grow our team to have a bigger reach and make an even bigger impact on our communities.

We have created a platform where training opportunities are provided to become a “The Nanny Movement” Facilitator.

We are looking for kind-hearted ladies who are passionate about early childhood education and adult training, and want to empower and inspire women.

You will have to be able to manage your own business successfully. Providing high quality service, with a focus on the smallest of details is of utmost importance.



Hi my name is Evette van den Berg.

I am the proud founder and one of the directors of the Nanny Movement.

I am also your passionate Nanny Movement facilitator in  Randburg, and I do in-house training in other locations.

I am a qualified ECD teacher with 10 years of experience in the sector, and i have been doing nannyworkshops for 6 years now.

What I love about the nanny workshops is empowering the women to be confident and competent in what they do.



Hi my name is Janmaré le Roux.
I am your passionate Nanny Movement facilitator of the Stellenbosch, Cape Town area.

I am a qualified teacher with a PGCE degree and I used to work for two NGO’s for several years where I quickly discovered empowering children and especially women is my absolute passion.

I can’t wait to help you learn and empower yourself with knowledge and skills through these workshops.



My name is Monya Visser. I am your passionate Nanny Movement facilitator from Bethlehem, Freestate.
I am a qualified foundation phase teacher with 8 years experience in the sector and have been hosting nanny training workshops for 2 years. I just love to empower women with new information and ideas to make their job go to the next level and see them excited to also do what they are passionate about.



Hi there, my name is Yolandi Haasbroek.

I am your passionate Nanny Movement facilitator of Potchefstroom.

I am currently the franchisee of Pienkvoet-Pret Potchefstroom with almost 4 years of experience in the sector of mommy and baby stimulation classes.
When mommies do not attend with their babies, they send their nannies/au pairs to join our classes.

What I love about the nanny workshops is to empower the women, who spend a lot of time with precious babies, to be confident and competent in what they do.
They have a special touch and bond with the babies they look after and thus a great opportunity to show them how to play with a purpose with our babies.


Pretoria / Nelspruit

I am your passionate Nanny Movement facilitator in Pretoria and Nelspruit.

I am a qualified foundation phase teacher with 10 years experience in this sector and have been hosting nanny training workshops for the last 5 years.

I am also a mommy of three little ones and it is during this phase of my life that I realised what absolute gem my nanny were and still are to our family.

I love to see how passionate they are to learn new skills and that they are always willing to go the extra mile for the little ones that they are taking care of.




Hi my name is Jani Malherbe.

Enthusiastic about empowerment of others and passionate about early childhood development, I am your Nanny Movement facilitator of the Overberg region, located in Hermanus.

With 12 years of expertise in the field of career development and coaching, I am also the owner of Hermanus Pienkvoet-Pret mom-and-baby stimulation and development classes. 

Combining my knowledge in career development, empowering woman to grow and develop their skills, as well as my passion for early childhood development, I absolutley love facilitating nanny workshops.

I proudly associate with The Nanny Movement as it is more than just a training session. It uplifts, empowers and encourages a creative growth mindset in the women that care for and encourage our most precious children, the future of tomorrow.

Soné Groenewald

Pretoria (Waterkloof) area

I am an Attorney, but currently a stay at home mom of two year old twins and a newborn baby.

In my journey with my three little ones, I sleeptrained the twins with Goodnight Baby SA, attended pre- and post natal classes, a baby massage course and Pienkvoetpret.

It is during this phase of my life when I realised that I am passionate about early childhood development and the importance thereof.

In proud assocation with The Nanny Movement, I will uplift and empower your nanny to not only take care of your most precious gift but also to encourage them to go the extra mile for you and your family.



I am passionate about early childhood development and I am also the owner of Pienkvoet-Pret Upington, a franchise that provides mommy and baby stimulation and development classes. On my journey homeschooling my two young children, I am confronted daily by the importance of early childhood development.

This fuels my passion for empowering others, who takes care of babies, to do this very important job confidently, competently and with compassion.



My name is Jané Steyn, i’m a stay at home mom with a special love for early childhood development. Having a Honors degree in in Industrial Psychology will help me understand and work with people who has a love for children but not always something to show for it. How wonderful will it be to empower women in our country that has a love for children who can in return help working moms with busy lives.

Everybody wants to feel they have an impact on society no matter how big/small. I think the Nanny movement is an absolute win win situation. Parents can feel at ease leaving their child in the hands of someone who know’s how to work with their child and nanny’s in return feels empowered through learning your child how to explore this sensory world through play.

My goal is to create a ripple effect by teaching nanny’s not only how to play clever with their own children from birth onwards but also giving working moms the comfort that their baby/babies are safe in this nanny’s hands because not only does she know boundaries but how to play clever with our babies through appropriate age activities and are aware of expectant milestones that will follow.

From birth until 14 months, a baby’s brain is like a sponge, soaking up every little thing you teach them. Doesn’t it make sense to let someone watch over your child who will know exactly how to work with your child, build an emotional connection with your child and learning how to express and work through emotions overall and playing clever with your child? How I see it, is the person taking care of your child will have an impact on your child’s brain in the future and shape your child as a whole.



I’m Elzette Landsberg, a wife, mom, full time Paediatric Occupational Therapist and of late, a proud Nanny Movement Facilitator in the Sandton and Fourways areas.

Being a paeditric Occupational Therapist, Early Childhood Development is on the forefront of what I teach parents daily.
It is not only my absolute pleasure and privilege, but also my responsibility, to extend this philosophy even further. What better place to do this, than with the irreplaceable nannies who take care of our newborns and young babies.
I’m so incredibly blessed and excited to be part of a team, who very soon, will be creating generations of nannies who will be equipped with the knowledge and skills required to provide the absolute best care for our babies with special needs. Watch this space!
By empowering these women, to not only take the best care of our babies, but also to stimulate and help them develop using age-appropriate and creative activities, we are enabling our children to thrive and enriching someone’s life in the process.
I so look forward to meeting you and your nanny!



Hello everyone

I am Anandie Du Preez, and I am the proud new Nanny Movement Facilitator in the Polokwane area.

It never bothered me not having family close by until we had children.  I found myself in the same predicament time after time, one of my children would be feverish or just a bit under the weather and my thoughts would be, who will be able to care for them like I do?    These situations would put so much strain on me as a mommy with a full time job as a Grade R teacher.  Until I found an angel, who cares for mine like her own. 

I have 9 years’ experience as a teacher with an Honours Degree in Learning Support.  As a working mommy I know how it feels to show up and give your best daily, at times this can be hard but, it doesn’t have to be, thanks to The Nanny Movement.  We are here to empower and acknowledge women, especially those in our inner circles, because it takes a village, doesn’t it?

The Nanny Movement is here to help, educate, empower and celebrate these ladies in our homes by teaching them age appropriate stimulation, basic child care, planning weekly activities, hygiene and so much more!

I am looking forward to educate and empower the ladies of Limpopo!  

Chanel Jooste

Pretoria (Wierdapark)

Dear mom, my name is Chanel Jooste and I am a proud Nanny Movement Facilitator in Centurion & Midstream.

 My purpose in life is to uplift and educate children, as well as adults, crossing my path as owner of an educational center. I have a passion for children with learning difficulties struggling in the mainstream system. Therefore, by attending to their unique situations & challenges. In this way, we build their confidence, creating an emotionally content child who will be able to live a fulfilled, purpose driven life.

 The Nanny Movement teaches your nanny the importance of brain development, using everyday equipment in the house for play sessions. This will motivate nannies to make learning fun! I am looking forward to meeting your superhero-nanny and to empower her to love her job even more!

Kelly Stevens

Garden Route

Hi, I am Kelly Stevens, your Nanny Movement Facilitator for the Garden Route. I am a qualified ECD teacher currently teaching at a private preschool in Knysna.

As a teacher working with young children on a daily basis, I am often met with the importance of Early Childhood Development. Often parents aren’t comfortable sending their baby/child to school before their immune systems are fully developed.  Therefore, having a Nanny who is trained to properly stimulate and care for their child at home is the next best option.

I am an ardent supporter of empowering and educating women to learn new skills so that they may feel more confident in what they do.

“If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people.”

Chinese Proverb

Our workshops aren’t limited to the areas mentioned above

What we offer facilitators

Training on thoroughly researched programs


Appoint passionate facilitators


Provide thorough training in all the programs, before any caregiver training will commence.


Constantly upgrading our programs according to new and relevant research.


Give constructive feedback, advice and support throughout the duration of the facilitators licence agreement.


Exceptional marketing to support the grow of The Nanny Movement as a company and to support facilitators.


Ensuring that all facilitators keep up with the high standards of The Nanny Movement.

What does a Nanny Movement facilitator look like?

A Christian, with strong moral values.

Friendly & hardworking.

Honest and with integrity.

Passionate about early childhood development.

Compassionate towards people from all walks of life.

Understanding and respecting that people have different views about things and different frames of reference.

Someone with a charitable outlook on life and a heart for the less fortunate who is willing to uplift and build confidence in people from less fortunate backgrounds and communities.

Show empathy where needed.


A beautiful space to facilitate your workshops from


A laptop or computer and smartphone


Internet access

I want to become a facilitator

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