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For all enquiries about these workshops:
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Hi, my Name is Chanel Pretorius. I am your Nanny Movement Facilitator here in Pretoria (Gauteng).

I have a Passion for Educating and Empowering Woman to be the utmost best in this field of expertise. The Nanny Movement is my Passion! To see the transformation taking place when a Nanny steps into my door and Blossoms after each course, is why I love what I do! I have trained Nanny’s for Pre-Schools & Day care centres, Au-Pair’s and Nanny’s at Homes with great appraisal.

The Nanny Movement Course is an Excellent Investment not only for your Nanny, but for your children’s future too. Our young Children depend on Nanny’s every day while Parents need to work, and the first 1,000 days in your Child’s life are the most important to form brain patterns for School readiness in your child. “While the human brain continues to develop and change throughout life, the most rapid period of brain growth and its period of highest plasticity is in the last trimester of pregnancy and the first two years of life.” ~ Sarah Cusick, PhD and Michael K. Georgieff, MD. I am Looking forward to work with your Nanny soon!

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