Address: 10 High Level street, Agulhas, 7287

Time: 08:30-15:00

Struisbaai Comprehensive Nanny Training Part 1 – 4 September

What do we cover:
  • Childcare basics
  • General hygiene and safety when working with babies and children
  • Food safety and hygiene
  • Storage and handling of breastmilk
  • Positive behavior guidance
  • Effects of screentime on children
  • Boundaries when working with children
  • Qualities of a great nanny
  • Infant and child stimulation
  • Important areas of child developmental
  • Weekly activity planning
  • Playtime activities
  • Interactive engagement and communication with an infant and toddler
  • Speech and language development
  • Household play items
  • Water safety
  • Crime prevention
  • What to do in an emergency
  • How to fill in a daily report card

Each participant will receive a certificate at the end of the workshop. Everything they need and refreshments will be provided.


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My Nanny Bucket

Our collaboration with Wikkelvingers brings you our brand new Nanny Buckets. Full of education and development-orientated activities for kids.

This bucket is filled with activities focusing on a holistic approach to stimulating the baby’s sensory perception, midline crossing, and auditory and visual skills.

Activities such as pulling pegs from the lid and playing with dough and feathers help develop fine motor skills.

This bucket's focus is on stimulating perceptions such as fine motor skills, bilateral integration, and hand-eye coordination.

This bucket is designed to stimulate your toddler’s cognitive skills and other senses during this developmental stage.

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More about your facilitator …

Riana Frankenfeld

For all enquiries about this workshop:

I believe Women are the most powerful leaders and Influencers in the world!

I have the privilege to stay at the most southern tip of Africa – L’Agulhas in the Overberg (Western Cape).

Being raised and working cross culture for most of my life I came to experience that all humans have the same need – To be lead, affirmed and empowered.

All of us has precious memories and experiences of women – mothers, grandmothers, sisters, teachers, etc. that shaped and moulded our lives.

The Nanny Movement has wonderful practical tools to unlock and implement knowledge though skills and tools we use daily.

I am looking forward to unlock the true potential of each person who will attend these workshops.

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