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“We inspire people not by showing them our super powers, but by showing them how powerful THEY are.”

– Alexander den Heijer


The Nanny Movement was born out of a deep passion for education and early childhood development. We acknowledge the fact that all parties present in a baby, toddler or child’s life need to be well informed and trained to reach the goal of a solid foundation in our children’s lives.

Imagine the impact on our society if we can change the way children are taken care of in their early years. We are passionate about designing workshops with relevant information about childcare, brain development an baby and child stimulation.

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The Nanny movement is creating a platform, where training opportunities are provided.



We offer workshops accross the country, make sure that you book your spot in time!

Businesses we endorse

The Nanny Movement have a value system of “Never look down on anybody unless you help them up” , a quote Jesse Jackson. We strive to uplift and endorse other businesses with the same vision as us.

We firmly believe to push and cheer others on to achieve success.

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