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We offer comprehensive nanny training workshops, born out of a deep passion for education, early childhood development, and nanny training courses. We acknowledge the importance of empowering and educating the heroes who take care of the next generation.

Imagine the impact on our society if we can change the way children are taken care of in their early years. We are passionate about designing workshops with relevant information about childcare, brain development, and baby and child stimulation.

nanny training


nanny training



our mission

The Nanny Movement’s mission is to support, inspire and empower nannies, caregivers, teacher assistants, and anyone looking to work with children in the early years.

We also make use of other professionals to enable us to provide in-depth and thorough training in all aspects regarding childcare in both home-based and centre-based facilities.

The goal of Early Childhood Development (ECD) programmes is to improve the young child’s capacity to develop and learn. The Nanny Movement’s courses aim to assist in training your child’s caregiver on how to assist effectively in exactly that.


passion to perfection

meet evette

Hi. My name is Evette van den Berg.
I am the proud founder of The Nanny Movement.

I am also your passionate The Nanny Movement Facilitator in Randburg, and I do in-house training in other locations. I am a qualified ECD teacher with 10 years’ experience in the sector, and I have been doing nanny workshops since 2014.
What I absolutely love about the nanny workshops, is empowering these women to be confident and competent in what they do. I want them to love their jobs and understand the massive responsibility that is on their shoulders. I have a special interest in helping people understand children with ‘special needs’, and how a child’s emotional development develops.

I am thankful for my well-trained facilitators helping me reach families all over South Africa, and very excited about our UAE franchise opening soon. We are passionate about changing the way young children are cared for and giving their caregivers the necessary tools to support their development holistically.

nanny training workshops

The Nanny Movement offers affordable, well-researched and highly relevant nanny training courses to provide a strong foundation of success and preparedness for caregivers.

We will empower caregivers to create a culture of love and respect for each child as a unique individual and to create a warm and nurturing environment that serves the specific needs of the child/ren in her care. We will assist the caregiver to develop skills in building collaborative relationships with children, their parents, and colleagues.

We aim to create a life-long self-development platform that is up to date with the latest research and programmes regarding early childhood development.

Ultimately our aim is to broaden the field of expertise and to empower anyone who is working with children in their early years.

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