Chanel Jooste

Pretoria (Wierdapark)

Dear mom, My name is Chanel Jooste and I am a proud The Nanny Movement Facilitator in Centurion and Midstream.

My purpose in life is to uplift and educate children, as well as adults, crossing my path as owner of an educational centre. I have a passion for children with learning difficulties struggling in the mainstream system and attending to their unique situations and challenges. In this way, we build their confidence, creating an emotionally content child who will be able to live a fulfilled, purpose driven life.

The Nanny Movement teaches your nanny the importance of brain development, using everyday equipment in the house for play sessions. This will motivate nannies to make learning fun! I am looking forward to meeting your superhero-nanny and to empower her to love her job even more!

Upcoming Workshops:

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