Evette van den Berg

CEO & Founder | Randburg Workshops

Hi! My name is Evette van den Berg.
I am the proud founder and CEO of The Nanny Movement.

I am a qualified Early Childhood Development teacher with 13 + years of experience in the sector. I have been facilitating and developing nanny workshops since 2014.

What I love about the nanny workshops, is empowering these women to be confident and competent in what they do.  I want them to LOVE their jobs and understand the massive responsibility that is on their shoulders.  I have a special interest to help people understand children with ‘special needs’, and the importance of emotional development.

I am thankful for my well-trained facilitators/franchisees, helping me reach families all over South Africa, UAE, and the Cayman Islands.  We are passionate to change the way young children are cared for and to give their caregivers the necessary tools to support their development holistically.

Empowering women, with research-based information to be the best in their early childhood development jobs, is our core responsibility.

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