Jané Steyn

My name is Jané Steyn. I’m a stay-at-home mom with a special love for early childhood development. Having an Honours degree in Industrial Psychology will help me understand and work with people who have a love for children but not always something to show for it.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to empower women in our country who have a love for children and who can help working moms with busy lives?

Everybody wants to feel they have an impact on society no matter how big/small. I think The Nanny Movement is an absolute win-win situation. Parents can feel at ease leaving their child in the hands of someone who knows how to work with their child, and nannies in turn feel empowered through teaching your child how to explore the sensory world through play.

My goal is to create a ripple effect by teaching nannies not only how to play cleverly with their own children from birth onwards, but also to give working moms the comfort of knowing that their baby is safe in this nanny’s hands, because not only does she know boundaries but also how to play cleverly with babies through age-appropriate activities and an awareness of expected milestones that will follow.

From birth until 14 months, a baby’s brain is like a sponge, soaking up every little thing you teach them. Doesn’t it make sense to let someone watch over your child who will know exactly how to work with your child, build an emotional connection with your child, and teach them how to express and work through emotions overall, while playing cleverly with your child? The way I see it, the person taking care of your child will have an impact on your child’s brain in the future and shape your child as a whole.

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