Nanny training blog: Do yourself a favour and see how your child’s whole face any body lights up when you explore a new wonder world while reading to him.

Reading to your child is the greatest gift you can ever give your child, because story books makes a
difference, read HERE why:

1. Books build character:
Reading to your child everyday inadvertently teaches him about problem solving as he learns how characters solves different obstacles in the book. In time, your child will show self-control, patience and empathy. Empathy develops gradually as your child reads and think about what the characters in the books thoughts and emotions were. This flows seamlessly through real life events.

2. Builds Imagination
Watching a movie, shows you someone else’s imagination. Reading a book allows the child’s imagination to put voices to characters, form pictures of how the characters might look and how the overall imaginary world plays off in the book

3. Builds Vocabulary .
Reading a book to your child everyday of the year will enable him to have a massive vocabulary. Yes, we talk to our kids throughout the day and they learn new words, however listening to a book in a manner that is read in a exciting way that makes a lasting impact.

4. Developmental growth
Storybooks also guarantee more back than what you put in. While enjoying a storybook, children learns excellent listening skills, concentration skills and to sit still in one place for longer periods of time. (Which are much needed in school)

5. Bonding time
– Reading = Bonding , Reading is the BEST way to bond with your child in a fun, exciting manner. Reading guarantees closeness.
– Teaching your child to rather read facts on his own than relying on what other’s around him says about the world, starts with developing a love for reading at a small age.

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